Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box

Posted: November 22, 2020
$23.99 - $79.99
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Shashibo shape-shifting box creator Andreas Hoenigschmid is a sand artist. Or, to go for alliteration gold, a shand artist. For his Shashibo puzzle boxes, Hoenigschmid projects the same love of design and geometry, but trades beige for bright colors, and granular earth for rare earth. Shashibos dazzle with shapes, patterns, and optical illusions created by the visuals of his trippy prints and the mechanics of 36 rare earth magnets embedded into each cube.

You can morph a single Shashibo box into over 70 different shapes with a few finger rolls. Create even more of a spectacle by combining multiple Shashibos together to build bigger, grander structures and sculptures. Seller Fun in Motion Toys also has an app that includes a growing Shashibo library of ideas and how-tos.

The Shashibo shape-shifting box is a top Dude gift for a kid pick.

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