V-Coptr Falcon Drone

Posted: February 04, 2020
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The V-Coptr Falcon Drone is comin' out bi. Described by maker Zero Zero Robotics as "the world's first V-shaped bi-copter," the V-Coptr Falcon ditches one pair of arms and propellers in favor of a dual-rotor propulsion system that makes the drone take flight like a bird of prey.

Zero Zero Robotics reports that the V-Coptr Falcon's winged design isn't just a stylistic gimmick, but, in combination with the company's proprietary tilt rotor technology, allows the drone to soar for an impressive 50 minutes of flight time per charge. In addition, the bi-copter's unique propellers and a calibrated slower rotation during flight allow for higher efficiency, quieter takeoffs.

In flight, the V-Coptr Falcon can shoot 4K video at 30fps, and 12MP photographs. Drone stability and agility in maneuvering and filming come from the nonlinear dynamic modeling and control algorithms powering its tilt rotor technology, plus a 3-axis mechanical gimbal with a yaw control range of plus or minus 80 degrees.

The Falcon also has an autofollow feature, with upgraded visual tracking algorithms for dodging obstacles and sensing its surroundings.

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