Star Wars First Order AR Stormtrooper Robot

Posted: November 19, 2017
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UBTECH's First Order Stormtrooper arrives trained (built-in AR features), armed (app-enabled), and ready for the Dark Lord's (that's you) commands. Aspiring Vaders can interact with the robot using voice commands, and teach it to respond only to them with the trooper's facial recognition technology. It will even patrol the perimeter while you're out.

Using the UBTECH app, you'll be able to incorporate AR into your stormtrooper's missions, issuing it direct verbal orders, and launching attacks through the interface. Two modes, Trooper and Commander, provide different immersive views.

The Stormtrooper's facial recognition software supports biometrics for up to 3 faces; you'll also be able to designate each as First Order friend or foe.

When the robot is on the move, an infrared sensor keeps it from ramming into walls and falling off the edge of the Subjugator. A triple array mic calls it to attention, and allows the stormtrooper to locate the source of a sound.

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