Robosen T9 Transforming Robot

Posted: January 31, 2020
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It may not look like Optimus Prime, but the Robosen T9 Robot aims to be as close to a real life Transformer as you can get for at-home enjoyment. I want to say Robosen is as lifelike as Sideshow Collectibles' Baby Yoda Replica, but saying "lifelike" in reference to a metal and plastic robot toy that more sophisticatedly references other metal and plastic robot toys sounds kinda funny.

In any case, the Robosen T9 transforming robot comes with some AI capabilities, such as offline VoIP for simple voice commands - waking T9 up and making him do a little dance for your viewing pleasure, for example. His smooth transformation process from vehicle to robot and back is, as you can see in the GIF below, also pretty damn cool.

Budding programmers can customize their T9's actions, either on their own, or using Robosen's free online tutorials, categorized by Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Non-voice T9 command comes via an app that turns your device into a remote.

As a build, the T9 transforming robot features 22 artificial joints controlled by high-precision servo motors, and 23 Robosen proprietary chips. The robot has "massive storage" for learning and exhibiting tens of thousands of different actions.

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