Remote Control Superhero

Posted: March 02, 2012

A life-size, remote control foam superhero probably isn't going to be much help if you're looking for someone to swoop in and save your kid from the schoolyard bullies next time they try to weave his body through the bars of the jungle gym. But it looks so traffic-stoppingly badass flying through the air that you would probably have great success giving it to the bullies as a bribe to leave your offspring alone.

Available in two sizes, the full-scale RcSuperhero is 78" tall, with a wingspan of 47", and weighs only 3.3 pounds. In flight, he is both stable and graceful, like an eagle, or the lovechild of Superman and Fred Astaire. For takeoff, he likes either to be thrown, or stood upright on a stand for a vertical ascent (accommodated by his 5+ pounds of thrust).

The more portable superhero measures 57", and has all of the capabilities of the larger version, but is less expensive, and easier to assemble due to its self-jigging body design.

DIY RcSuperhero kits include laser-cut foam, substructure material, control horns, a plywood motor mount, carbon fiber fabric strands, and a 4 mm square arm spar. Hardware is not included, so buyers will need their own radios (e.g., a Futaba 7C), servos, batteries, speed controllers, and motors. Check out the full specs and other information here.

Note: Building and pilot skill requirements both appear to be moderate.

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