Redneck Roadkill RC Trucks & Games

Posted: July 11, 2019
Redneck Roadkill RC Trucks & Games
$19.99 - $34.33
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Redneck Roadkill RC pairs crusty old pickup trucks with related figures and accessories - skunks, signs, and zombies! - you can smash them into. It's all fun 'n' games, hillbilly-style!

Redneck Roadkill RC sets come with bumper stickers and ding decals you can use to pimp out and customize your truck to your desired level of beat-up and w.trashy. Choice selections include "I <} Road Kill," "Daisy Jo's Camel Tow," and "Nobody for President 2020."

The classic Redneck Roadkill Raging Bull set comes with favorite truck-smashed snacks The Squirrel, The Skunk, and The Armadillo. Each is puzzled together in 3 segments so that when your RC beater truck hits them, the varmints splay apart. Other Redneck Roadkill RC trucks and games include the Redneck Roadkill Daisy Jo RC Tow Truck, Zombie Roadkill Escape (complete with 360-degree crane decapitator!), and Redneck Roadkill Tailgate Party for college sports fans looking to stock up on essential tailgating gear for the coming football season.

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