Pile Driver Remote Control Poop Car

Posted: August 16, 2019
Pile Driver Remote Control Poop Car
$10.90 - $19.99
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Ha! This RC poop car had me at "Pile Driver!" And it only gets better when you read on: "with spinning and farting action."

If you're going to turn any emoji, or bodily function for that matter, into a remote control toy, the infamous swirled pile of poop is your obvious winner, winner chicken dinner. ... Or did it have corn last night? Though the Pile Driver calls itself the #2 toy in the world, I think for my purposes - disgusting and upsetting all the Sharons, Susans, and Sandras in my office - it gets the blue ribbon.

And it'll probably get me this world champion trophy.

The Pile Driver remote control poop car comes in 27MH and 49MH versions, which the company points out can be raced against each other to the toilet. Both have RC buttons for 360-degree spins and fart deployment.

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