Petoi Bittle Palm-Sized Robot Dog

Posted: September 06, 2020
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If you're trying to make a palm-sized robot dog that's a miniature replica of Boston Dynamics' full-size robot dog, Spot, but don't want to be more obvious about it than the clear resemblance to Spot, one good thing to do would be to give your palm-sized robot dog a name that's nowhere close to Spot. Like, not Dot or Mott. Or Speck. Or even Jack. Something more like...Petoi Bittle.

Yep, Petoi Bittle should about do it.

Petoi Bittle is an ittle bittle STEM project whose resultant robotic pooch can walk, trot, play tricks, and roll around drooling like a real dog. (OK, minus the drooling). Bittle arrives as a kit that includes its a puzzle-like frame to build, a Petoi customized Arduino board, and a pair of puppy dog eyes hopeful yours will be its forever home. Once assembled, Bittle's personality begins taking shape via Petoi demo codes you can download from GitHub.

Push it further, and mold the wee robo-pup into your own unique pet by teaching it new skills using the Bittle open platform and add-on sensors, or mounting a Raspberry Pi / AI chips to your doggo through wired or wireless connections.

The Petoi Bittle robot dog seeks to "bring down the technical and cost barriers of dynamic quadruped robot to a DIY pet." If you want in on that, click here to get your pledge in on Kicksarter by October 1, 2020, and adopt your own Bittle.

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