Mini Foldable Egg Drone

Posted: March 22, 2018
Mini Foldable Egg Drone

What sweet little egg treats will the Easter Bunny bring you this year? If you're into RC flying and quadcopters, maybe one of these mini foldable egg drones. Smooth as an incredible edible out of the box, this app-controlled, FPV drone's arms and propellers pop out at the push of one button, and at the push of another, the egg skips, like, 5 steps in its development process and begins to fly.

Though I wouldn't sacrifice my Cadburys for it, this mini egg looks like a pretty neat entry-level drone. Nothing too fancy on it, just a 6-axis flight control system, and 0.3MP HD camera with real-time transmission you can view from your smartphone controller. RC range is up to 130 feet. The quadcopter also has an altitude hold function for hovering it at a specified height so you can take stable photos or videos. The egg's "one key" operation applies to takeoff, landing, return, and transformation.

If you prefer Chinese Pidan eggs, you can also get a foldable egg drone in black.

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