Micro Butterfly RC Plane

Posted: February 10, 2013
Micro Butterfly RC Plane
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While being on the receiving end of a buzzing, pesky winged bug's attentions can prompt minor fits of rage, I feel like if I could control the insect, and make it evoke these sentiments and actions from those who are not me, I would quite enjoy the flitting and hovering. That would be good people watching. But since I have yet to break into the fly leash and flea circus industry, I think I'll take the bug-like Micro Butterfly on my quest to frustrate and annoy.

This so-called world's smallest ready-to-fly RC plane has a 4mm motor with a 32mm direct drive propeller that operate simply and without advanced skills, despite the model's miniscule size. Fitted with a nearly weightless receiver and NanoAct actuator, the Micro Butterfly barely tips the scales at under 0.5 grams. The actuator is self centering and provides 64 steps of full proportional resolution per side. The included full proportional transmitter has 2 gimballed joysticks and a built-in portable precision charger for the device's lithium polymer Bahoma cell.

Micro Butterfly RC planes arrive with all components installed, trimmed, and tested. Their wingspan is 3-1/2".

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