James Bond SkyFall Race Set

Posted: November 12, 2012
James Bond SkyFall Race Set

If I hadn't seen a bunch of toolbags standing in line outside a movie theater irrationally dressed up in tuxes and white suits on Saturday, I would have had no idea that they just released the next installment of movies about my life. And with the latest James Bond flick, SkyFall, comes the latest 007 swag. Here from Scalextric, a race set company known for their scaled movie tie-ins, we have the James Bond 007 SkyFall Set. Cars are 1:32 versions of the movie's Aston Martin DB5 and Range Rover Sport.

Scalextric's Bond-style track includes a chicane and crossroads to create an extended figure-8 course that pits British classic against British SUV. The chicane, as well as a set of ramps, can change position to alter specifics of races and suavity of leaps. The James Bond 007 Skyfall Set (coded C1294) has a total track length of 200", and requires 82" x 55" of personal space on a floor or table. The set's cars are Digital Plug Ready (DPR), which means conversion for use with Scalextric's Digital range is possible in under 60 seconds. The same amount of time it takes Bond (i.e., me) to diffuse a bomb and pick up a hot chick.

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