Flytrex Sky Cloud-Connected Delivery Drone

Posted: September 09, 2015
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The Internet of Drones has arrived. It will bring you endless exploratory joy. It will bring you the freedom to travel boundary-free. It will bring you...a Coke.

Flytrex Sky is the self-crowned World's First Cloud-Connected Drone. Suitable and a sky full o' fun for both hobbyists and quadcopter pros, this drone flies anywhere. Powered by a 3G-based GSM connection Sky can be anyone's A) personal play toy or B) professional delivery service right out of the box. Amazon Prime will get my friend Cornelius Cheetos in an hour? Pssshh. I can send him my half-eaten bag in 10 minutes.

Flytrex includes a pair of apps with the Sky drone to facilitate its use as entertainment or worker bee. The Flytrex Sky Pilot app is for joyrides. It has auto-pilot, auto-takeoff/landing, and return to home features amongst others that keep flight frustration-free. For those hesitant to give up their remotes, the system also supports all major RC transmitter and receiver systems for dual-mode flying. Paired with the GSM connection, RC control becomes range-free for traveling longer distances and discovering new places. Adding a second battery bumps flight time per charge up to 30+ minutes.

For those in the Special Delivery mood, the Flytrex Sky Messenger app lets pilots select a contact point, mount a lightweight parcel to the drone's 8 hooks (2 x packs of special bands for additional securing are also included), and hit Go. All flights, fanciful and practical alike, are automatically logged in a pilot's personal Flytrex profile, accessible on the company's website and mobile apps.

The Sky requires a 3G GSM data micro-SIM for its control and live telemetry stream (not included in drone package). Advanced data compression algorithms keep data usage low--80MB for 20 hours of flight, for example. Safety features include landing immediately and sending location information if battery power gets to a critical level, and a return to the point of takeoff if the drone loses reception or contact with its pilot.

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