PlaneTags - Retired Aircraft Skin Collectibles

Posted: July 08, 2021
PlaneTags - Retired Aircraft Skin Collectibles
$22.50 - $149.95
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First they fly, then they're flayed! PlaneTags are collectibles hand cut, stamped, and shaped from the skins of retired aircraft. The ID-style tags are a new - and far more affordable - line from MotoArt, the California-based shop that's spent the last 2 decades repurposing salvaged parts from decommissioned aircraft into Ice-Man-cool beds, desks, bars, and other furniture.

Dozens of different airplane types and models have been skinned (kindly, gently, the didn't even feel it!) to create PlaneTags. In addition to reclaiming, cutting, and finishing the smooth ellipses in a range of colors and patinas, MotoArt also individually etches each PlaneTag with a outline of the aircraft, its make and model, identifying information, such as serial or tail number, and the tag's own number in its aircraft skin series.

Pilots, airplane buffs, avid fliers of the friendly skies, and those who just remember when TWA was a major airline will surely appreciate PlaneTags as a piece of aviation history they can add to their keychain or collection. And like most repurposed, remade, and rereleased products from the days of yore, PlaneTags would make a great gift for Dad.

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