Pick 'N Peel Stones for Anxiety Relief

Posted: February 23, 2021
Pick 'N Peel Stones for Anxiety Relief
$9.99 - $27.99
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Give your cuticles, dry skin, scabs, and nose holes a break. Pick 'N Peel Stones will provide the same type of release for your anxiety and antsiness without making you bleed or leaving a scar. Some of you pickers may have already channeled some of your stress and excess energy into a Pop It Pal. Thick of Pick 'N Peel Stones as the beautiful, and infinitely less gross, version of a pimple popping simulator.

Rather than artificial zit pus, Renee Benn fills her Pick 'N Peel Stone crevices with a special latex glue dyed a delightful seafoam green. The glue is dry but not hardened, so it's easy enough to flay and pull out little flaps of it with a picking hook (looks like the one dentists use.) The stones themselves are natural lava rocks, all unique in their sizes and nooks and crannies, so you'll never pick 'n peel the same stone twice.

Unless, of course, you strip your stone bare, and then refill it with a bottle of Benn's stone filler.

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