PhiTOP Physics Egg

Posted: December 21, 2018
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While the fidget toy fad has finally spun itself into the grave, the PhiTOP Physics Egg still merits some attention, and maybe a twist of your wrist. The ellipsoid spinner is, as its name suggests, more of a top than a fidget toy, and more of a visual spectacle and optical illusion than a tactile soother and anxiety queller.

You launch the PhiTOP into its spin on its side, but in a few spins or less, the egg's angular momentum turns it upright, where it continues to twirl for a couple of minutes. Within the concave sides of the egg, you'll see its physics in action, in the form of Lissajous figures, electrodynamics, and the gelatinous ellipsoid effect. Shine a light on the PhiTOP to intensify the show.

While not touched during use, some say the PhiTOP still relieves stress and aids in meditation, with its spin sending those watching into a sort of hypnosis. And as the Physics Egg slows down, it adds a relaxing sound to its visuals - check out the video to see the PhiTOP in action.

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