JYX Portable Karaoke Machine

Posted: May 26, 2022
JYX Portable Karaoke Machine
$69.99 - $119.99
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What's gonna be the Song of the Summer for 2022? Who cares? The only Song of the Summer for me, and the only tune I will belt to make the ladies melt on my JYX Portable Karaoke Machine, will be the Song of the Summer, Edition 2006. Who knows what I'm talking about?

Available in 3 models, all portable, wireless, and rechargeable, the JYX Karaoke Machine is here to make your bachelorette parties, backyard BBQs, and - cue up the Neil Diamond and Journey - Father's Day celebrations a little more sing-song. The machines come with a wireless microphone, plus have extra microphone jacks for connecting up to 2 more for group renditions of "I Want It That Way." Karaoke jams blast through an HD stereo sound speaker, delivered via Bluetooth from your iPhone, Android, laptop, or TV.

You can also use the JYX Portable Karaoke Machine as a PA system, as well as use its TWS connection to pair 2 speakers together.

Oh, and for the JT fans out there, you are correct! I've been bringing sexy back for the past 15 years. Fire up the JYX and hand me the mic. Year 16 is locked and loaded!

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