DropMix Music Gaming System

Posted: January 08, 2018
DropMix Music Gaming System
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Mix tracks, play DJ, and throw down to win with the DropMix Music Gaming System. Up to 4 players draw hands of DropMix music cards, each containing songs by popular artists. Placing a card on the DropMix board activates its song, and adding more cards creates your custom mix. Play your cards right, and it'll be a winning mix.

DropMix cards span multiple music genres, including electronic, pop, and hip-hop, and your starter deck comes with 60 cards that can combine to make millions of remixes. Gameplay requires a DropMix companion app (iOS or Android compatible) and an ear for crafting sick mashups. The music mixing tech within the DropMix board detects card songs, and automatically updates the mix when a new one is added.

Three modes of play, Freestyle, Clash, and Party, allow you to compete against friends, team up and face the app, or just DropMix & match cards to hear what you come up with. If you make the mix to end all mixes, or just one you kinda like, the DropMix app can also record it for you.

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