MRBG - Metal Rubber Band Gun Reloaded

Posted: September 04, 2019
MRBG - Metal Rubber Band Gun Reloaded
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If no good is what you're in the mood for getting up to, all you need is 1 x Metal Rubber Band Gun and 1 x Sleeping Friend Cornelius. Awake will work too if he's stoned.

Another snazzy and mean-spirited release from Uncommon Carry, this is the Metal Rubber Band Gun, or MRBG, Reloaded. Grab a nest of stretchy loops from the junk drawer, and load the stainless steel shooter up with 12 of them for semi-automatic fire. The handmade MRBG - Reloaded has a range of around 30', and can pelt targets up to 50' away.

Just be careful where and how you wield the gun. It may only shoot rubber bands, but even rubber bands can shoot your eye out, Ralphie Parker.

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