Rubber Cast Iron Skillet

Posted: February 09, 2020
Rubber Cast Iron Skillet
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I saw this rubber cast iron skillet, a movie prop and excellent prank idea from NewRuleFX, and couldn't help but run it. After all, this weekend marked both the 92nd Academy Awards, and UFC 247, Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes. A little nod to cinema, a little nod to walloping another person upside the head, it's perfect.

I also feel like She-Ra: Princess of Power and I could have fun with some rubber cast iron skillet shenanigans at our next dinner party. Or, better, our next dinner with her parents. What starts as a simple differing of opinions on how long to sear the beef escalates, suddenly and with laser-like focus, into She-Ra popping me one in the face.

Eh, maybe not the best practical joke to pull around her parents. My father-in-law would probably applaud.

The rubber skillet prop and special effects piece is cast and finished from a mold made from actual, traditional cast iron skillets. It is made of Larry-, Moe-, and Curly-approved dense rubber urethane foam.

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