Neon Ghostbusters Sign

Posted: October 19, 2013
Neon Ghostbusters Sign
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All I want to know is does this neon Ghostbusters sign come with an optional N64 add-on? Because I hear a simple phone call doesn't cut it with the crew these days. If you've got somethin' strange in your neighborhood, the only way to get crotchety old Spengler and Venkman out of their recliners now is a box of Krispy Kremes, a coupla 6-packs of Rheingold, and Mario Kart loaded up with Toad and Yoshi. Stantz and Zeddmore, for the record, still honor their public duties unconditionally.

Think Geek's blazing neon sign answers the question, "Who you gonna call?" with a sizable 15" x 12" classic Ghostbusters logo. It looks pretty good. Except for the Icon Ghost's face, which seems a little thin to me. Like he needs to be fed. Like maybe Egon could spare one of those donuts for his supernatural buddy every now and then.

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