Life-Size Posable Cookie Monster Replica

Posted: July 18, 2019
Life-Size Posable Cookie Monster Replica
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Life-size. Posable. Photorealistic. Dude, I love me some Cookie Monster, and despite his $300 pledge tag, I'm tempted to back this guy on Hasbro Pulse. The Cookie Monster isn't just a cornerstone of my youth, he's like my brother from another mother. We have so much in common: passion for the things we love; one track minds; and a joy of eating large quantities of food with reckless abandon, as if no one's watching. Even when they are.

I wish he were more interactive than just "posable" though, more like the FurReal Chewbacca. Like I wish he could just do one thing, which is act out his Apple commercial wherein he talks to Siri and bakes me cookies.

Hasbro Pulse is testing interest in the Cookie Monster replica in their HasLab, a crowdfunding-style arena that requires designs to score a certain number of backers before the company produces it. Cookie Monster needs 3,000 backers to become life-size, posable, and photorealistic in your arms, and he has until August 25, 2019 to get them. At printing, it looked like a gloomy day on Sesame Street - they project had just 250 backers.

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