Life-Size Exorcist Regan Doll

Posted: October 16, 2017
Life Size Exorcist Regan Doll
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The only thing worse than a Monday is clicking on a link that brings you to a life-size replica doll of possessed Regan from The Exorcist. It just happened to me, and since misery loves company, here you go, dudes. I'm sharing it with you.

Prop masters The Scary Closet created Regan as part of an extremely limited collection of 10 (which, at printing, was down to 1, despite the hefty price tag) all signed by Exorcist extraordinaire, Linda Blair. In addition to being scaled to size, the Regan doll is almost meanly realistic. Like, they call it a collector's item, but any collector willing to put that evil thing in their house is either just as twisted as Regan's head in Satan's merry-go-round scene, or is planning the Halloween prank of a lifetime, and so just as mean as The Scary Closet.

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