Life-Size Alien Queen Wall Sculpture

Posted: November 13, 2019
Life-Size Alien Queen Wall Sculpture
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Just add a Santa hat and it's Merry Christmas, ya filthy Alien! ready to deck your halls with the most queenly of holiday decor.

I'd say Sideshow's Officially Licensed Life-Size Alien Queen Wall Sculpture is for only the truest of Alien franchise fans and collector's on multiple levels:

  1. It's a gruesome, bloodthirsty, and terrifying Alien Queen that will probably scare the chestbursters out of everyone in your family, even after they get used to it, and especially when they're left home alone with ol' Queenie at night.
  2. It is all of the above, plus life-size, with the sculpture measuring 37" tall x 32" wide x 20" deep.
  3. It costs $1,600.

The Alien Queen Wall Sculpture captures a snapshot the subject's famous battle scene with Ripley, and is made from fiberglass and mixed media, with the detail of a museum quality piece. All painting is done by hand. Sideshow is releasing the Alien Queen replica sculpture as part of a limited edition of 500.

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