Judge Dredd Lawgiver

Posted: September 23, 2012
Judge Dredd Lawgiver
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From the meticulous maestro who brought us the Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle comes a similarly immaculate replica from Judge Dredd. Fabricator The Kingpin touts his custom-made Lawgiver as a precise copy of the one Judge Stallone employed to tear shit up in the 2000 AD comics' 1995 big screen adaptation. Admittedly, the gun's cast and handiwork are pretty perfect, right down to its eagle crest, custom scope, aluminum barrel, and colored glass inserts. I wonder how it compares to the Lawgivers in Dredd 3D. I'll never know because 3D movies give me motion sickness. I have a very delicate stomach.

The Lawgiver replica also has a removable magazine, LED light up capabilities per the Hero version, and is "100 pct functional". Presumably as an Airsoft or BB gun, though that piece of information is missing from its listing. Perhaps as part of the mystery surrounding Kingpin and his elusive movie prop artistry. The gun weighs 5 pounds. Incidentally, that is also about the weight I consumed in gin last night. Somehow, my delicate stomach sucks it up when it comes to alcohol consumption.

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