Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace

Posted: February 10, 2015
Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace
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As Vincent Van Gogh proved 125 years ago, nothing says, "Be My Valentine," like a severed ear. And thanks to the mutational viruses unleashed by modern research, today you don't even have to lop off your own ear for the presentation. You can give your most special sweetheart a zombie ear. A whole necklace of them, actually.

This limited-edition Walking Dead replica features the trophy zombie ears Daryl Dixon strung on a strap as he halluci-chatted with Merle. The necklace, displayed in a wood and glass shadow box, was digitally recreated from the series' actual prop. Just 1,676 of them have been made.

Fun Word Problem: Gentle Giant has crafted 1,676 zombie ears necklaces. Each necklace has 4 ears and each ear represents a different zombie slain. However, each zombie's second ear has also been strung on a different necklace in the edition. How many total zombies have been taken down and turned into ear necklaces?

All zombie ear necklace boxes are hand numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a replica of actor Norman Reedus's signature (oh come on, Norm, you couldn't sign a measly 1,676 boxes?) Ears are attached to their box's backing board with magnets, so you can wear the necklace if you like, and then put it back exactly as mounted.

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