Alice's Mossberg 590 from Resident Evil

Posted: July 23, 2013
Alice's Mossberg 590 from Resident Evil

Can you pull off Alice wielding a Mossberg 590 and lighting up super zombie scum in a post-apocalyptic Vegas wasteland? I definitely can...do no such thing. In terms of badass combative chicks, I could maybe pass as Jean Claude Van Damme, but Milla Jovovich? No fucking way.

The more ambitious out there, however, might dig this authentic stunt shotgun Alice shlepped around in 2007's Resident Evil: Extinction. Sadly, the "Compact Cruiser" 12 gauge is not the hero version, but was fabricated from rubber for use in scenes not requiring the more detailed model "for the actress' safety." Whatever, like Alice needs anyone to mind her safety. Still, the Mossberg replica has a pump-action design and includes a manufacturer's serial number and markings engraved above the trigger on the left-hand side. The handgrip also sports small, shiny-shell-colored accents.

Usage has left the shotgun with several chips at its barrel, but telling myself those chips could contain trace bits of Milla DNA makes me OK with that.

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