14' David Hasselhoff Replica

Posted: January 06, 2021
14' David Hasselhoff Replica
$100k - $1.5 million
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At printing, this 14' David Hasselhoff replica, a prop used in The SpongeBob Movie, had a single bid for $100,000, but auction house Live Auctioneers estimates its value at between $750,000 and $1,500,000. I know. "What the Hoff?!" is what I thought when I read those ludicrous numbers too. Not to mention, you'd think if they want 7 figures for a supersized replica of the man, the myth, the has-been, they'd provide some better photos of Big Dave in Baywatch board shorts than the ones we have of him looking like he's about to be shot out of a cannon rather than heroically rescue a drowning child or hot young blonde.

David Hasselhoff himself is behind the sale of Big Dave. He posted an Instagram video revealing he is in fact auctioning off every piece of memorabilia he's collected during his career. Woot, woot! Baywatch fans and Hoff stans. Even if you can't afford a 14' David Hasselhoff replica, you might be able to put yourself in the running for a signed Mitch Buchannon cutout that's merely life-size (and autographed!) or a photograph of the curly-locked hunk of man from his heartthrob years, entitled "Early Hoff Sexy Photograph."

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