LEGO Puzzle Boxes

Posted: December 22, 2021
LEGO Puzzle Boxes
$25 - $155
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All LEGO sets present their builders with a puzzle of sorts, but cheat3 Puzzles levels up the process with their LEGO Puzzle Boxes. The brick formations arrive assembled, and in your choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty ratings, but the challenge here isn't to build your own LEGO creation, but to get "prizes" to pop out of the one cheat3 has designed.

Some LEGO Puzzle Boxes can hold actual prizes, such as a gift card, but others simply contain LEGO money bricks your goal is to make pop out of the sides of the box using included poker tools to shift and rearrange the bricks surrounding them.

Most cheat 3 LEGO Puzzle Boxes contain a few hundred LEGO bricks, assembled into larger brick boxes. But a few, such as the 1984 Mac Computer featured above, bring some whimsy and nostalgia to the puzzle game. At 2.5" x 2.75" x 3.75", this Puzzle Box also makes a great desk toy. So does the Vending Machine Puzzle Box, which contains 8 snacks and 8 different hacks to retrieve from inside.

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