LEGO Foosball Table

Posted: October 24, 2023
LEGO Foosball Table
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LEGO Ideas scores again. And you can too with the playable LEGO Foosball Table. The 2,339-piece set includes all the bricks you'll need to assemble a fully functional, competitive miniature retro foosball table. Color-coded sliding knobs behind the goals keep score as minifig players slap around a LEGO foosball.

The table's rods fit a goalie, 2 defenders, and 2 strikers per side, but you'll get complete minifig teams of 11 players each with the LEGO Foosball set, plus the choice of fitting them with 44 different heads and 43 hairstyle elements to create your own unique foosmen lineups. The non playing minifigs can show support during gameplay waving flags in the grandstand, with one of them designated to award the brick-built trophy to the winning team.

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