Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit - Build a Wand

Posted: September 22, 2018
Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit - Build a Wand

Kano has been making computer build and coding kits for a few years now, but this introduction of Harry Potter into the lineup might be the first to cast the Kano spell over a young audience beyond those kids already interested in programming and STEM pursuits. Those who successfully assemble the Harry Potter Coding Kit will end up with their very own responsive, interactive wizarding wand.

Kano's Build a Wand Kit is easy on the hardware - just 4 main parts and a couple of batteries - so the put-together portion of the magical endeavor is no sweat, suitable for anyone age 6 and up. From there, though, aspiring wizards young and will connect the wand to their tablet or computer and begin learning to code with over 70 creative challenges. Piertotum locomotor! feathers. Engorgio! pumpkins. Stupefy! anyone making fun of you for playing with a Harry Potter wand at 38 years old.

Built wands respond to their rightful wizard's movements, and waving it in front of a connected device screen / free Kano app will produce instant effects and interactions with creatures, candies, sounds, music, and Wizarding artifacts.

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