Wine Barrel Dartboard

Posted: December 06, 2019
Wine Barrel Dartboard
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Darts, a great game of skill that, like all great games of skill, is only made better by the addition of a barrel of wine. You can choose whether you want your barrel full and ready for the wine thief in the bunghole*, or carved up like the one here in this Wine Barrel Dartboard.

A competition dartboard is the literal centerpiece in the handmade beaut, but the standout attraction, especially for any wine lover, is its backing, a repurposed wine barrel from Napa Valley. Hanging brackets and 6 competition darts are included with the dartboard's purchase.

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*You'd think I just made up those provocative words, and strung them together in such a provocative way, but they are real winemaking terms, and putting the wine thief in the bunghole is something winemakers do often, out of necessity. And love. I mean, you can never really talk about bungholes without also talking about love, can you?

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