Where's Bowie? 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted: April 07, 2020
Where's Bowie? 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
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The Where's Bowie? 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is not practicing safe social distancing like Clay Bennett's reimagination of Where's Waldo? But, it is paying proper - eccentric, colorful, Easter-egg-packed - tribute to the late, great David Bowie, and giving his fans a fun form of entertainment that's nearly as multifaceted as the rock star himself.

At 500 pieces, the Where's Bowie jigsaw puzzle shouldn't make you pull too much of your hair out during assembly - not near as much as some of these giant jigsaw puzzles to do when you're stuck at home, or the Pure White Hell jigsaw puzzle. But for all its splashes of Roy G Biv, Where's Bowie? has at least as much gray area, so it will still probably take a couple hours to puzzle it out.

At which point you can move on to the next Where's Bowie? challenges. First, find David Bowie Where's Waldo?-style in the completed jigsaw puzzle. And not just once, but several times, each with the performer dressed "in his various chameleonic guises." Then, start hunting for the Easter eggs. The rest of the puzzle is packed with Bowie references, some of them obvious, others yet another challenge to test how deep your knowledge of the Bowie oeuvre runs.

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