Weird Things Humans Search For

Posted: March 25, 2023
Weird Things Humans Search For
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Weird Things Humans Search For makes an adult party game about two truths we already know: 1. People are strange; and 2. The fastest and easiest way to behold their strangeness is to start typing a few words into Google, and see what auto-fill suggestions the search engine presents. Because wondering, "Is it cool to...," and having your question finished for you with the likes of "say cool," "vape," "be black," and "have a cracked iPhone," aren't Google's own ideas of what you might want to know. They're the most popular predicates your fellow humans have entered over the years.

Weird Things Humans Search For consists of 160 inquiry cards from what I'd call the soft underbelly of Google. That is, they're more on the silly and cheeky sides of bizarre than the dark and disturbing ones, the latter of which I am sure consume a huge chunk of the Google catalogue too. In addition to the question about coolness above, questions include:

  • "Did dinosaurs..."
  • "Why do old people..."
  • "Can a fart..."

Following each prompt are 10 finishers, which players must choose from and rank as the first and second most commonly typed in by their fellow humans. For example, my #1 and #2 for the above would be:

  • 1. "evolve into birds?" 2. "go to heaven?"
  • 1. "shuffle?" 2. "have big ears?"
  • 1. "turn into a burp?" 2. "be misogynistic?"

Points in Weird Things Humans Search For are awarded based on how high your answers are in actual Google searches.

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