Wall Scrabble

Posted: November 14, 2014
Wall Scrabble
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Hey, it's Scrabble for the Jumbo Crosswords crowd. But $20 says more people will spell words wrong trying to maneuver their letters in supersized form. Seriously, the alphabet's way harder to manage when it's big (case in point here).

Wall Scrabble is a more tasteful, less expensive (but still over a grand expensive) version of the World's Largest Scrabble Board. The wood board's colors and graphics mimic those of the original 1949 edition of the game, but instead of gum pad scorecards Wall Scrabble incorporates an adjacent chalkboard to track all of my 300+-point dominations of my friend Cornelius. The fabric bag and letter tiles are obviously jumbo-fied too, and the setup includes a hanging space with hooks for storage. Strong magnets affix letter to the board.

Wall Scrabble dimensions are 80" wide x 3" deep x 59" high. It comes with hanging hardware.

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