Vegan Not Vegan Game

Posted: February 21, 2020
Vegan Not Vegan Game
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Oreo Cookies are vegan! Plus 1 point for going vegan! Marmite is vegan! ... Minus 50 points for going vegan!

There's not much more to Vegan Not Vegan than presenting you and your friends a stack of cards with photos of popular foods and household products on them, and challenging you to determine whether they're vegan or not vegan. Still, simple as it may be, the game sounds fun. Well...not as fun as eating a pile of meat followed by a giant bowl of ice cream, but more fun than living on Soylent for the next 3 years. By the way, Soylent: vegan or not vegan?

You may also learn something from the Vegan Not Vegan game's flashcards. Both in terms of the straightforward, Yep, it's plant-based, or Nope, got animal bits in it, and the specifics of what gives the food or item its designation. Marshmallows, for example, are not vegan because they contain gelatine from pigs.

Oh, and that just reminded me. I recently learned that a lot of body lotions and chapsticks contain lanolin. Like, I remember a commercial from when I was a kid for Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion that would always promote containing "aloe and lanolin." "Vaseline Intensive Care. With aloe and lanolin." Well, my friends, per Wikipedia, lanolin is "a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals." Yep, think yak pus or extra-thick sheep sweat harvested and pumped into your beauty and grooming products to make them spreadable, and your skin feel all lubed and smooth. Blech! Definitely not vegan, and not cool.

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