Twerk Pong

Posted: May 03, 2018
Twerk Pong
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If you want to see some Twerk Pong visuals - or should I say, whether or not you want to see some Twerk Pong visuals for some insight into the game's play, here ya go. But the name and GIF still leave us in need of some insight into and explanation of this doozy of a pop culture party game.

Twerk Pong isn't about you getting a bunch of ping-pong balls into the rump-mounted box of a lady shaking her groove thing, it's about the lady with the rump-mounted box shaking her groove thing to get a bunch of ping-pong balls out of it. Twerk Pong comes with 2 (glorified tissue) boxes with a top opening and ribbon tie for latching it around 2 players' waists. When the dick whistle blows - because Twerk Pong will definitely be played at bachelorette parties, and there will definitely be dick whistles - the race is on to see who can twerk all the balls out of her box first.

Hmmm, ladies, Twerk Pong sounds a little like a metaphor for the competition to be the first of your single friends to get married.

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