Three-Sided Die

Posted: May 17, 2019
Three-Sided Die
$11.22 - $121.77
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Nvenom8 Designs 3D prints pretty cool dice. This three-sided die, called Modern Art D3, pretty much sums up what's so cool about them: they're very artsy and creative. Very die-fferent than other dice, looking all like infinity symbols, or a piece of DNA. There aren't that many dice with just 3 sides available either, but you can get this one - or a pair of them - printed in a range of materials, including white plastic on the low end ($11.22 at printing) up to polished silver or even platinum on the high ($121.77 and $2,676.14 at printing).

Nvenom8 Designs assures us cutting in half the die's sides doesn't make it any less functional than a standard D6, and includes a video of it play on his sale page. Also, you have the option of spinning the Modern Art D3 in addition to throwing it to take your turn.

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