Thorn Dice

Posted: March 06, 2013
$27.20 - $85
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Pain, blood, Thorn Dice: you gotta pay to play. Meandering threads of contemporary CAD technology intertwine to form polyhedral dice bodies dotted with protruding thorns and varying numerical sequences that accommodate all pursuits of fantasy and probably a few gambling addictions. Chuck Stover's prickly die come as sets of 7, 3D printed in the buyer's choice of material, ranging from strong & flexible plastic ($30 and under) to the pictured stainless steel ($82).

Right now I'm showing my buddy Cornelius how Thorn Dice are less likely to prick you if you blow on them gently before each roll. No, Cornelius, I said gently. Geez, you're not trying to inflate a Gigantic Climbing Iceberg. Just a light waft right across the top of the double zeros. That's better. That's...haha, sucker. They're still gonna stab you if you pick them up wrong.

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