The WOZZ Spinning Top

Posted: March 08, 2017
$50 - $64
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WOZZ up, WOZZ shakin', and most of all, WOZZ spinning at 10000 rpm, dude? The WOZZ Top doesn't just nail its pirouettes, it hits them fast. And at up to 30 minutes of run time with the steel piece, it hits them long. But WOZZing isn't just a spectator's sport. Creator Alexander Senger says the real fun comes when you interact with the top, which, despite its size and spin speed, he's designed for easy handling and repositioning while it's in motion.

According to Senger, when "nature superpowers meet Swiss precision machining," WOZZ happens. Its construction consists of a large disc, ball bearing fitted onto an axle, and an end cap. The top's "ignition" is a pull cord made of Kevlar string and a wooden ball. Use the WOZZ as you would a typical top, enjoying a Zen moment (or a thousand of them) as it spins unassisted, or get it going, and then go in for the manipulation. The WOZZ axle doubles as a handle; take hold of it to flip and balance the top on its head, on the tip of your finger, or on the upper tip of another WOZZ. Make it dance in circles or swirl in larger orbits on its own upper tip. Add a pair of glow-sticks and create your own light show.

Currently still in prototype stages, and seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter through April 1, 2017, the WOZZ will eventually emerge at 5-1/8" tall, with a 3-1/2" disc diameter. You can pledge for 2 types of the tops: one with a disc made of high-strength aluminum alloy; and another with a disc of stainless steel.

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