The Ultimate Deck - 54 Unique Playing Cards

Posted: February 07, 2013
The Ultimate Deck - 54 Unique Playing Cards
$24.95 - $64.95
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Each of the 54 cards in Dan & Dave's Ultimate Deck brandishes a unique piece of artwork courtesy of design agency Stranger & Stranger. And yes, most of them are macabre and vaguely disturbing like the Unicorn Head Mask and Willem Dafoe's face. But that's not the only trait that sets them apart from other sets of suits. The Ultimate also (allegedly) holds the title of Most Expensive Deck of Cards Ever Produced. And hang on to that title it will. At least until 3 days from now when my Crayola and construction paper stack of 52 pickup hits the online marketplace for $100. Wait, no: one million dollars. Mwahahahaha. And I need sell only one deck for enough money to buy the Villain Chair that will authenticate my evil yet brilliant mind.

The Ultimate Deck comes either packaged in an equally elaborate embossed tuck-case with foil accents, or as an uncut single sheet measuring 22" x 26-1/2" for wall-mounting.

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