The PuttSkee - Skee Ball Golf

Posted: June 30, 2017
The Puttskee - Skee Ball Golf

And the PuttSkee skee ball-golf hybrid even folds up into an oversized luggage / encyclopedia salesman-style rolling crate so you can hold tournaments next to the keg on Fridays at the office, turn it into a drinking game in the back yard, or conduct a PuttSkee Challenge at the tailgate, handing out free beers to anyone who can putt a hole in one. Natty Light for the 30, Corona for the 40, Saison Dupont for the 50, and, oh yeah, Bud Light Lime for the 100.

The PuttSkee's portable putting design unfolds and unravels to reveal a 12mm, 9-ply Baltic Birch frame with a green of UV-resistant nylon turf. Set it up, grab a club and a golf ball, and get to putting yourself a high-score hole-in-one. Sounds like a way better way to channel stress and inspire creativity than twiddling with a fidget toy to me.

All PuttSkee games are handmade in Springdale, AR. Employees there are involved in every step of their production, including souring and cutting the wood, assembling, staining, and installing hardware on the game, and packing every PuttSkee that ships.

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