The Geek Box Wooden Puzzle

Posted: October 30, 2016
The Geek Box Wooden Puzzle

Need a gift for a geek? This one has all the necessary elements--eggheady challenge, fidget-friendly finger work, comes in a gift box, hey, it's even called The Geek Box. A set of 6 wooden puzzles that should be a no-brainer for the brainiest on your list. Unless...

...unless, uh, they don't deal well with failure. Or demand instant success. Or are only geeky insofar as they have every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in their media library. On VHS cassette. Having recorded each one when it aired live in the 90s. The Geek Box requires intelligence to the tune of: 1) steel trap memory; 2) Kryptonian visual perception; and 3) MacGyver strategic thinking skills.

Each of the 6 puzzles is actually a pair of puzzles, since it will take just as much effort to put them back together again as it does to take them apart. The geometric shapes range from a sphere to a cube to a Tic-Tac-Toe-board-looking piece, all small enough to finesse apart / together on the couch during commercial breaks, or tinker with under the table during boring meetings and Thanksgiving dinners.

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