The Game of Nasty Things

Posted: October 14, 2020
The Game of Nasty Things
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The Game of Nasty Things outrages and offends in the spirit of Cards Against Humanity but, in my opinion, is a more creative - albeit more challenging - party game to play. Think of it as the difference between the Reverse Cowgirl and Standing Wheelbarrow sexual positions.

Rather than using your hand of pre-printed cards to fill in the blanks of Mad Lib-style prompts, The Game of Nasty Things provides an open-ended "things" prompt that players must come up with their own responses to. For example: "Things the first lady won't let the president do." For another example: "Things a proctologist nicknames his finger."

Like CAH, each round of The Game of Nasty Things sees a different player serving as prompt reader and response judge. But to make things uniquely Nasty, judges here read aloud other players' own darkest, dirtiest, most devious thoughts from handwritten response cards. So no one ever has to worry about getting stuck with a lackluster hand, or thinking of the perfect thing you never wanna find in your poop, but not having a preprinted card to represent it.

On the flip side, The Game of Nasty Things players are actually gonna have to think. Not only of the funniest or grossest answer to prompts like "Things zombies do when they're not eating people," but of the answer that's going to resonate best with the judge of the current round.

So like I said, think of the Standing Wheelbarrow - all the fun and pleasure of Reverse Cowgirl, but with some added contortion and sustained strength. If you're up for it, The Game of Nasty Things is ready to get in bed with you.

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