The Fuzzies - Pom Pom Ball Stacking Tower Game

Posted: July 29, 2020
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At first I was hoping The Fuzzies would be a next-gen Fraggle Rock, or maybe a new costume-based cultural fetish, but after seeing The Fuzzies for what it really is - a Jenga-style stacking tower game played with poufy pom pom balls - I'm even more excited to dive in.

And inevitably knock it down.

In some ways The Fuzzies is a kindler, gentler, kid-friendlier version of the game of, as the Fuzzies makers put it, "Don't knock over the thing! OH NOOOOOO I knocked over the thing!" The colorful lint balls are probably a little easier to grab (you can use the set's included tweezers) and stack thanks to their feathery weight, and when they fall over - hear that? Nope. Because there's no crash and splayed-block chaos. Just a silent tumble and roll.

But that doesn't mean The Fuzzies is easy. First of all, the wall the balls stick together is "inexplicably," so even the physics brainiacs and surgeon-handed players out there won't necessarily be able to gauge and execute the best Fuzzy removals and restacks. Also, hope the winds - be it the breeze from the window, the draft coming in under the door, or the AC fan kicking on - are in your favor, my friends.

In addition to revised strategies and interesting gameplay nuances, the Fuzzies also brings some happy color to the table tower and, best of all, takes only 5 seconds to set up using a cylindrical cover and wood base. The game is obviously super lightweight and packs down into an easily portable container.

The Fuzzies is a new game from the creators of Wavelength, The Mind, and Monikers. They're seeking crowdfunding for their pom pom ball tower on Kickstarter through August 21, 2020.

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