The Change Game - Next Level Quarters Game

Posted: March 14, 2022
The Change Game - Next Level Quarters Game
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In today's world, The Change Game could mean anything. A TikTok challenge that times who can change from work clothes to sweats the fastest (in honor of and sympathy with those of us returning to our offices.) A bit of CV Dazzle trickery. A Find Your True Gender test. But this Change Game from We Play Change keeps it all much simpler than that. The self-described "next level quarters game" is a portable wooden tabletop set that requires no phone, no social media, no apps, and no WiFi, just a single quarter and a single player to make a good time.

The folding wood blocks of The Change Game allow you to play the game in a variety of ways, and create custom challenges to suit your level of skill, and the number of players involved. In addition to playing solo, you can also play The Change Game with a friend, or a whole group of people. The Change Game catalogue currently contains a dozen different game setups, some with pieces arranged into miniature versions of other popular party games, such as Cornhole, Skee-ball, football, basketball, and baseball.

The Change Game set weighs around 1 pound, and is small enough to fit in your hand. The two included "launch pads" create a hard, stable surface that allow you bounce quarters from anywhere.

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