That's What She Said Game

Posted: August 19, 2016
That's What She Said Game
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Oh boy, it's everyone's favorite punchline. Turned into a game that makes you want to say it--scream it!--over and over and over again. All. Night. Long.

Yeah, that's what she said.

Though not an expansion, official or otherwise, That's What She Said is basically the next Cards Against Humanity on the block. One reviewer put it more specifically somewhere between Apples to Apples and Cards in the raunchiness scale, so it might be a little more comfortable, but still inappropriate enough to be fun, to play with family, co-workers, and people you don't know very well.

That's What She Said calls itself a party game of twisted innuendos, and includes Phrase cards like, "Can I push your stool in?" and "A girl's gotta eat" to back up the claim. The set comes with 458 cards total, 400 white Phrase and 58 red Setups.

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