Super Precision Gyroscope

Posted: January 12, 2014
Super Precision Gyroscope

Made from solid brass and aluminum, the Super Precision Gyroscope is both the epic tinkerer's and workplace thumb-twiddler's essential toy. It runs on miniature stainless steel bearings that propel its movement continuously, and nearly silently, for up to 7 minutes. Those interested in using the gyroscope for more than a captivating distraction will find that equates to around 4 minutes of experiment time.

With its included motor and battery pack the Super Precision Gyroscope attains speeds of 12,000 revolutions per minute. Wow. That's pretty fast. One time I tried to pedal the bike in my spin class to 130 rpms and I vomited. The gyroscope add-on kit contributes several more attachments for scientific and hobbyist use, such as 2, 50mm long stainless steel extension rods, 2 ball ends, and 1 slotted end. The pieces can screw together to extend lengths and create gimbals, as well as into the gyroscope itself at 7 different locations.

If your nerves can handle it, check out the video faceoff between the Super Precision Gyroscope and the Anti-Gravity Top Levitron. It's so intense I almost peed my pants.

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