Super Jumbo Playing Cards

Posted: June 15, 2018
Super Jumbo Playing Cards
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Haha, about their Super Jumbo Playing Cards Gameland says, "Both children and old people will love these humongous playing cards." Because why beat around the bush or be delicate about it? When you inflate a deck of cards to 9 times its standard size, your demographic is clearly the 2 extremes: the very young, who will go giddy at playing a game with pieces as big as they are; and the very old, who will go giddy at being able to see the suits and denominations without glasses. Get some diapers, some pureed food, and a couple of babysitters to respond to their frequent demands, and you could put the two groups together to play uninterrupted for hours on end. At least long enough for you to host a poker night with playing cards sized for the 18-59 age group.

The Super Jumbo Playing Cards each measure 8-1/4" x 11-3/4", and the deck comes with 52 suit cards, plus 2 jokers. And, yeah, it would probably be a giant P in the A to play most card games with them, but imagine the fun you could have building fort-sized card houses.

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