Stick-N-Play Gaming Controls

Posted: December 21, 2012
Stick-N-Play Gaming Controls
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With all the newfangled tablet and smartphone technology we are able to enjoy today, I am glad we haven't yet cast aside all of our oldfangled technology, such as buttons and suction cups. SteelSeries joystick and push button controls stick onto any touchscreen device to reincorporate tactile, rich action and command into otherwise flat gaming pursuits. No more clumsy, insubordinate, 2D action panels, yo.

SteelSeries' Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls arrive in a handy carrying case as a joystick and 3 buttons backed by mini and micro suction cups respectively. Using any combination, just lick, stick, 'n' play. And you may not even need to lick them, but I thought that word nicely rounded out the sentiment. Controls are removable and reusable at later times and between multiple devices. When taken off tablets or smartphones after use, they leave no sticky residue or bacon grease behind. Which is more than I can say for my fingers.

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