Star Wars Bocce Ball Set

Posted: June 19, 2019
Star Wars Bocce Ball Set
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A Star Wars Bocce Ball Set is cool and all, but doesn't a Spaceballs Bocce Ball Set seem a little more apropos?

Also, it seems like maker Kelsyus could have done a little more to distinguish the Star Wars universe as part of their lawn game set. Sure, the bocce balls are etched with either Dark Side or Rebel icons - Vader, R2-D2, stormtrooper, various ships - for easy team designation, but why not make the entire ball a Star Wars character or object? The Death Star and BB-8 would have been no-brainers.

Still, if you're into Star Wars, but like to keep the obsession understated, the Star Wars Bocce Ball Set doesn't scream geeky fanboy like some other SW merch does. Chewbacca sofa, anyone?

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